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August 8, 2017

Local Lemonade Stands Donate to Fire Company and Get Quite the Surprise

Two local kid-ran lemonade stands announced that they would be donating half of their tips to the Good Intent Hose Company #1, which was broken into a day ago.

The two lemonade stands, both within .5 a mile of each other were surprised when WNEP-16, the Minersville Borough Police, and Good Intent Fire Company President John Bushar and other members showed up in one of their fire trucks, to support the lemonade stands.

The two lemonade stands include:

The Cafe Kurtek, is located on South Delaware Avenue (across from the site of the former Legion Building).

The other lemonade stand is located at 418 North Delaware Avenue, just a few 100 feet from the North Delaware Soccer Complex.

The coverage of the story by WNEP will also later tonight on Local Channel 2.

The Good Intent Hose Comapny posted videos of when they surprised the lemonade stands. Watch them be surprised by clicking the links below:

North Delaware Lemonade Stand Footage

Cafe Kurtek Footage


Good Intent Hose Company Becomes Victim of Robbery Two Days After Their Largest Fundraiser of the Year

According to WNEP-16, the Good Intent Hose Company #1, Branch Township, became victim of a morning robbery today (August 7th), two days after their largest fundraiser of the year, their annual ATV Run, which attracts thousands of off-road enthusiasts to participate in a 25+ mile ride in the PA Coal Region.

They believe whoever broke in was attending the event on Saturday, and that they were looking for cash.

When members of the fire company arrived, the place was trashed. Their office was ransacked. The window to the office was smashed and the DVR for the security cameras was gone, leaving them no surveillance and future protection of the building. Among other items, the cash register, safe and filing cabinets were broken into, in an effort to steal cash.

A GoFundMe has been set up replace and repair items damaged and stolen in the burglary. Specifically, money will go into replacing the surveillance system with a newer more  monitored secure setup, installation of security bars over all windows. Click here to donate.

***If anyone has any information or if you think you may have seen something suspicious Sunday night into Monday, the fire company asks that you please let anyone belonging to it and Branch-Reilly cops know. All information will be kept confidential.***


We need to replace the surveillance system with a newer more secure setup, install security bars over all windows, install a monitored security system and replace all the damaged items.

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