Boy Scout Troop 600 of Llewellyn was found cleaning up trash along the roads in part of Branch Township on Sunday afternoon.

They picked up trash and litter from the intersection of Phoenix Park Road and Clay Street in Llewellyn to the Phoenix Road and Main Street Intersection in Phoenix Park, and from that intersection to the Life Flight Center at 901.  

Members helping at this cleanup include:


  • Seth Hubler
  • Gabriel Fleming
  • James Chicora
  • Ryan Allar
  • Carter Larkin-Kukta
  • Matthew Wolfe
  • Jesse Boltz
  • Brandon Witmer
  • Logan Fisher
  • Warren Quinn
  • & Michael Rizzardi

Adults & Leaders:

  • Scott Hunyara
  • Jeff Hubler
  • Christine Haldeman
  • Michael Quinn

It looks great!