Minersville had a great showing at the Winter Carnival Snowflake and Snowdrop Pageant held last weekend at Pottsville Area High School.

Leah Eister and Reiley Lonergan were both finalists in the Snowflake event with Leah being named the third runner-up.

Leah, Reiley and Rebecca Andruchek were voted by their classmates to represent Minersville Area High School. The theme of this year’s Winter Carnival event was “A Little Taste of Country.”

In the Snowdrop event, Minersville residents Ella Putalavage and Ella Frantz were both finalists with Ella Putalavage being named first runner-up and Ella Frantz the fifth runner-up.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this years Winter Carnival Snowflake and Snowdrop event!


Snowflake Finalists: Leah Eister (left) and Reiley Lonergan (right)

Both Leah and Reiley were awarded trophies for being finalists.


Representing Minersville Area High School at the Winter Carnival Snowflake Pageant were (left to right) Leah Eister, Reiley Lonergan and Rebecca Andruchek. The theme was “A Little Taste of Country”


Minersville Ella Putlavage (second from left) and Ella Frantz (far right) were finalists in the Winter Carnival Snowdrop pageant. The winner was Elena Holden of Pottsville.