(Image of Pupperoni from YouCaring.com page.)

A mini-daschund was attacked by two Pitbulls in his own yard Sunday, October 25th in Tamaqua. The incident occurred around 10:00am on Sunday.

According to multiple sources, the owners of Pupperoni left their two dogs out to use the bathroom. The neighbors let their two Pitbulls out in the open backyard. The owner(s) of the dogs tried to separate them, but they couldn’t. At that point, the owner of Pupperoni shot a handgun three times, killing one of the Pitbulls.

A YouCaring.com page has been setup to help the family of Pupperoni with expenses. The page reads:

“Today, October 25, 2015 my mini-dachshund, Pupperoni; was viciously attacked in our backyard by my neighbor’s 2 large pittbulls.

We let our two dogs out in the yard at around 10:15am to use the bathroom. As we were coming in our neighbor let their 2 pittbulls out, at which time they charged and chased Pupperoni under the wooden steps at the bottom of our deck. He tried to crawl under the steps to get away from them, but one of them came around the front of the steps and snatched him through the gap. The 2 pittbulls drug him across the lawn as their owner and my boyfriend attempted to free him. Sadly they were unable to free him from their grasp. My boyfriend’s son ran down and began punching the one pittbull in the head, at which time the second pittbull ran back up onto their porch next door. Meanwhile, my boyfriend warned the woman to control her dogs and then ran inside to retrieve a handgun. As he returned outside with the gun, his son managed to hit the pittbull enough to cause the pittbull to release Pupperoni. I ran over and grabbed his bloodied, lifeless body from the dirt. As I stood up, trying to get Pupperoni out of the reach of the pittbull, it ran around behind me and then jumped up and grabbed Pupperoni’s hide leg and almost pulled him right out of my hands. My boyfriend yelled as the pittbull let go of Pupperoni’s leg. My boyfriend then shot at the pittbull to get him out our yard, hitting it somewhere in it’s shoulder. I believed Pupperoni was gone, but after we saw his tail move, we realized he was still alive. After the EMT and Police arrived, they advised us to take Pupperoni to Valley Central Emergency Center in Whitehall PA which was about 45 minutes away (the closest emergency vet to us that was open on a Sunday). During the car ride he started bleeding heavily from his back, through the towel I had him wrapped in, down my shirt and side. He began breathing very shallow and quietly whimpering. I thought he’d never survive the trip to the animal hospital. It was the worst, and logest car ride in the world, but Pupperoni made it there alive. They nursing staff took him back immediately. His original prognosis was grim, but only got worse once the surgeon reevaluated him.

Pupperoni sustained, in the vet’s words; a “near decapitation.” Luckily his trachea and vital parts in his neck are still in tact, but his gaping wounds extend from one side of his throat all the way to the back. To make matters worse, xrays revealed that 2 of Pupperoni’s vertebra were dislocated. He still has sensation in his feet but we’re unsure whether or not he’s able to stand or walk. To keep his spinal cord from severing, leaving all 4 limbs paralyzed; he needs emergency surgery to fix his spine. The surgeon estimates this major surgery to cost anywhere between $6,000 and $8,000. I already paid $2,380.49 just to keep him alive for 24 hours, and to have his throat and neck tissues closed. Surgeon said it took well over 50 stitches (inside and out) to close his wounds. He’s now in a brace keeping him from moving his head, neck, and back while I try to gather the funds to complete his spine surgery.

Pupperoni is only 5 years old, 10 pounds, and is the best little dog in the world. He’s not only my fur-baby, he’s my best friend and I can’t just let him die. He did not deserve this vicious attack and I beg anyone who’s able and willing, to help my baby out. Our family is devastated and can’t bare the thought of losing him, especially this way.
Any little bit helps, and it might just be your couple dollars that saves my baby’s life.”

To donate to the family of Pupperoni, and hear more updates about his story, click here.

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