Today, we reflect on the 9/11 Tradgedies carried out by terrorist group Al-Queda, 14 years ago.

At 8:46am on this day, World Trade Center North was hit by Flight 11, one of the four hijacked planes.

Then, at 9:03am, World Trade Center South, was hit by United Airlines Flight 175, hijacked by 5 of the 19 hijackers.

Five other terrorists took control of American Airlines Flight 77 directed to hit the Pentagon.

And finally, United Airlines Flight 93 was headed toward either the White House or Capitol. They were unsuccessful because the passengers aboard the flight fought the terrorists and it ended up crashing in Shanksville, PA.

All of these flights were chosen because of the amount of fuel the planes had in them.

In total, including the hijackers, there were 2996 casualties. All of the people on the plane died, some of them were dead before the impact.

For photos, of the tragedy, visit the History Channel by clicking here.